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Unique Features of Meteolabor ® Protection Products                 


  • nMeteolabor products combine coarse and fine protection
  • nNo need for customer to worry about coordination
  • nProducts are threat-level tested according to MIL-STD-188-125
  • nMost Meteolabor products are for both lightning and EMP protection
  • nMeteolabor produces a variety of products, which can be installed as feed-through elements:
  • nThey can directly be installed in a hole drilled into the room shield
  • nSurge currents are safely diverted to the shield
  • nCables of unprotected and protected side are always properly separated
  • nProducts range from powerline protection, signal- and dataline protection to coaxial lines protection
  • nSafety for power lines imposes different technical parameters for fixed or mobile applications