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About the company

Dolev Group is the leading company in Israel
in radiation prediction and providing solutions for electromagnetic radiation
for the business and private institutional sector.

The Dolev Group balances boldness with conservatism, and along with developing innovative products, it responds to market and customer requirements and leads in technological innovations that enable quality, impressive performance and reliability.

Dolev began its journey in 1994 as a planning and execution company in the field of high voltage electrical engineering and electromagnetic compatibility ELF/RFI/EMI/EMP and thanks to the energy and determination of the company’s managers and employees, the company developed and expanded and today it includes two companies:

  1. Dolev Electromechanika-Technology and Engineering Ltd
  2. Dolev for a clean environment Ltd.

The two companies work together to promote the company’s vision: creating a clean and safe living environment from electromagnetic pollution which has been proven to have a great impact on human health and the environment.

Dolev Electromechanika Technology and Engineering Ltd

Dolev Group is the leading company in Israel in the development and installation of radiation shielding means for electrical panels and more (gathering strips, cables, high voltage line transformers) Dolev is an engineering company with rich experience in technical issues, the company leads the most complex developments carried out in the field of radiation shielding in Israel.

The management, planning and factory offices cover an area of 400 square meters and include a Faraday Cage shielded laboratory, testing facilities, a warehouse, an inspection unit and a manufacturing plant.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive protection solutions under one roof, from the planning and development phase to the installation phase of the final product.

The Dolev company produces the Dolev Smart Shielded Panel™, a unique radiation solution from the Dolev company that provides a modular solution in the field of limiting electromagnetic fields at the power grid frequency and radio frequencies.

This panel was tested by the best experts in the field of radiation and was found to be suitable and meets the protection requirements in Israel and abroad.

Dolev is the only company in Israel and Europe that provides unique and exclusive protection solutions for overhead / high voltage lines by active cancellation systems (unique representation in Israel).

The company also provides radiation protection applications for the medical, security and academic fields and is an approved supplier of the Ministry of Defense, Rafael, Elbit and other technology companies.

We work under strict quality control of ISO-9001 edition 2000 of the Israeli Standards Institute.

The radiation protection division works closely with the shielded cells division that specializes in building shielded boxes, cells for military applications and shielded rooms to prevent information leakage.

The field in which we are engaged in the cells division is a special field characterized by a high engineering level and a combination of safety systems and related systems, sealing materials, planning of shielding systems for computer rooms and conference rooms, installation of systems for mobile cars including planning of electro-mechanical equipment, building control systems for smart buildings and lightning protection systems .

We have a large variety of measuring equipment for the laboratory such as: CBAs, filtering filters for supplying red/black electricity, electro-optical filtering systems for computer communication, EMI/RFI sealing materials, rotating equipment for civilian and deer cells, amplifiers and more.

*Dolev company develops and manufactures protective products in Israel (blue and white) and markets its products abroad

Dolev Clean Environment Company Ltd

The Dolev Clean Environment company has set itself a central task, which is to explain the concept of “electrical pollution”, while spreading the threat posed to the public by exposure to high frequencies created by various electrical and electronic devices that are in our environment.

The quality of electricity is deteriorating and becoming more and more common in developing countries.

Low quality electricity also known as “polluted electricity” is actually a combination created mainly by electronic devices and non-linear loads.

These are electric waves with a much higher frequency than the usual frequencies with much shorter waves, these frequencies are created by the electronic devices we have at home. It turns out that the innovations of science and technology solve many problems in the field of life, but at the same time they also create environmental problems. In terms of their health effects, they are similar to high frequency waves such as microwaves which are radar radiation and cell phones, or in other words all the wireless and electronic devices that are in our environment: homes, offices, schools and kindergartens.

The goal of Dolev Clean Environment is to create an environment free from any polluting factor such as polluted electricity and to provide unique solutions to prevent the negative effects of various factors that pollute our environment.

“Doleb Clean Environment”, was chosen by Professor Martin Graham and Mr. Dave Stetzer to distribute and provide engineering support to several countries in the world in addition to Israel to solve the problem of polluted electricity.

Dolev Clean Environment Company is proud to present “Electro Guard” ® – a unique and first of its kind product in Israel to solve the problem of polluted electricity.

The product is approved by the Israeli Standards Institute and meets the strict conditions of the European Union for quality, safety and reliability. and UL Lab

Dolev Group 1800-800-552