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Construction of MRI – EEG rooms

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In order to perform a diagnosis correctly, it is necessary to take care of rooms free of electromagnetic interference from the environment to the room being tested. Or in the case of an MRI device, maintaining radiation safety rules and interference from the stressed face

What is the uniqueness of the quiet room?

E.E.G., E.M.G., MRT tests and/or areas sensitive to electrical systems and electronic equipment. These tests require a special room (quiet chamber) surrounded by walls made of conductive materials and an active cancellation system, a special development of the CFW company to record magnetic fields created by electric flow inside the chamber, And flow outside the cell. For testing in a room “free from electromagnetic interference”

The electronic equipment and electrical systems around us advance at a tremendous pace and at the same time create an electromagnetic environment that interferes with extremely sensitive sensors (SQUIDS) for recording electrical actions of the brain. The quiet environment inside the cell helps researchers receive neurofeedback without interruption.

A unique active shielding chamber is a solution to this problem, the solution is implemented worldwide in many research institutions and private clinics, the chamber is modular and has an environmentally friendly design and decorative finish.


The recording has a higher resolution, a recording of a magnetic field that does not undergo distortion is performed.
New technologies improve image/information quality with minimal environmental interference
Suitable for research institutions, hospitals, clinics and biotechnology companies.
The dimensions of the room are according to order and can reach up to 10 m X 10 m, height 5 m

A shielded chamber with an active offset system for EEG, MRT tests