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What is the TAMA 38 program?

The term “TAMA 38” is the abbreviated name of “a national outline plan for improving the resistance of existing buildings to earthquakes. The purpose of urban renewal projects, TMA 38, is to renew residential complexes and old neighborhoods, including the improvement, upgrading, strengthening and protection of residential buildings and upgrading public areas and infrastructure. The projects of TMA 38 include the strengthening of the structure against earthquakes, the expansion The existing apartments if possible (usually through MMD), upgrading the common areas in the building, including renovating the lobby, installing an elevator, replacing the water and sewer pipes, external cladding of the building, and improving the electrical infrastructure. Bearing all project costs, direct and indirect, including planning, Financing legal advice and a construction inspector for the apartment owners is the responsibility of the contractor/developer.

What is the connection between Tama 38 and radiation?

As part of the changes, a new electrical system is installed for the building, sometimes the electrical infrastructure is planned near continuously populated areas (if the area is small), a change that requires a preliminary examination of the magnetic field levels and this as a condition for receiving Form 4 .                    

The first step is a radiation prediction survey – in order to predict the magnetic fields in the project, it is necessary to perform a radiation prediction survey, performing this survey is important in order to identify in advance areas where there may be abnormal radiation. The survey examines the effect of the building’s main utility and electrical infrastructure on areas intended for extended stays

What do you do in such a situation where you detect a magnetic flux – extraneous radiation?

  1. The best option is to change the location of the existing infrastructure (subject to the approval of the architect and the electrical consultant
    in the project)
    If it is not possible to

  2. change the location of the infrastructures, it is required to carry out radiation shielding in areas where there is a continuous stay

    The Dolev company offers full support for the process in the projects of Tama 38 TMA 38/1, TMA 38/2
    Starting with conducting a radiation prediction survey, and if necessary, conducting magnetic field shielding and magnetic flux, a practical test in the field after electrification and obtaining permits

    The Dolev company is the exclusive representative in Israel of the GIRON company, which offers flexible shielding materials using the do-it-yourself method. Through a unique development for the company called G-Iron SuperFlex, the contractor/developer can carry out the shielding works independently with the guidance and guidance of the Dolev company.

    This is a high-quality, light and flexible material that can easily be stuck on surfaces, since it is a flexible material that can also be stuck on curved areas. G-Iron SuperFlex is installed in hundreds of projects successfully

    The fact that the work can be done independently saves you the contractors/entrepreneurs a lot of money.

G-Iron SuperFlex benefits

  • A very innovative product
  • High performance, limiting radiation to a very low level
  • Very flexible product, very short installation time
  • Laminated cover for protection polypropylene glass reinforced
  • Protected against corrosion and usable in humid places
  • Does not limit the installer and does not require prior knowledge to apply protection against ELF radiation
  • A solution for cable ducts
  • Vertical shafts solution, vertical shafts for carrying the cables of the electric company
  • A solution for the floor of computer rooms
  • A solution for MRI rooms and research laboratories
  • Through simulation you can estimate the protection area and know exactly how much material is required for the project
  • This product has an A1 classification for fire reaction (UNI EN13501-1:2019) and increased protection performance.

For more information about G-IRON company’s shielding materials click here

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