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The threat:

A high-yield nuclear bomb

The action scenario: The output of the bomb is head, heat, instantaneous γ radiation, nuclear fallout and an electromagnetic wave – known as EMP or electromagnetic pulse – EMF.
Protection for essential electrical devices, electronic equipment that includes components such as transistors may be damaged by this radiation.
The EMP is characterized by the intensity as a function of time of the electromagnetic field.

הגנה כנגד NEMP - דולב אלקטרומכניקה

Defense objectives against NEMP

The protection is designed to enable a reasonable existence in a shelter/bunker after a nuclear explosion defined in the scenario.
This means having electric power and air conditioning systems, ventilation, air filtration, lighting, water and sanitation, cooking and preserving food, wired and wireless communication.
All this for a short period.

The devices responsible for protection:

Air filtration systems, air conditioner blowers, chillers, water pumps, sewage pumps,
Electricity input from the electric company, electrical equipment in the kitchens, communication equipment, reception of radio broadcasts and more.

Dolev Electromechanika company from the Dolev Group
developed a system of EMP protection modules, these systems were tested in the DAMA laboratory and met the requirements of the tests.

The modules are intended for the protection of power grid supply lines and/or against lightning and EMP – the average voltage measured at the module outputs in response to the EMP signal at the inputs was lower than 1.5 kV. The protection modules were tested by simulating the exam specification.

The modules were tested by injecting a simulated EMP signal between each ground input and between phase inputs
to zero, phase to earth and zero to earth, and in the three-phase module also between the phases.
The test signal is in the form of a double exponential with a rise time of 7-10ns at a vacuum voltage of 10 kV and a short current of kA1

The protection module system is installed in front of special ALM filters in the case of a shielded cell or without a shielded cell.
The protection models and the additional components are installed in a special steel case with special external connection clamps.
The external and internal electrical connections are according to the electrical law.

We provide advice from the phase of setting up the grounding system in the facility.
The purpose of grounding is to create an array with low impedance to the ground for the protected system components.
When there is a connection between them and the grounding of the building required by the electrical safety guidelines,
Carriers with an armor cover, special EMP filters, EMP doors and top doors.