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The relationship between electromagnetic fields and cancer

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IACR) has classified exposure to ELF frequency electromagnetic radiation as a possible carcinogen, in addition, additional evidence has been collected that frequently links exposure to power lines and other sources of ELF to the increasing trend of blood cancer (leukemia) in children When this type of cancer is the most common among children.

The guideline of the ICNIRP organization leaves exposure levels of 1000mG for the ELF frequencies when the evidence indicates an increase in the risk level of leukemia in children at levels as low as a thousand times the permitted level as stated in the organization’s safety regulations.

The study by “Green LM – “A case-control study of childhood leukemia in southern Ontario Canada and exposure to magnetic fields in residences which was published in 1999 shows that according to the reports, the risk of leukemia in very young children doubles already with exposure to electromagnetic radiation at the frequency of ELF at a strength of 1.4mG or higher, when additional studies that combined in addition to the young subjects also older children aged 6-16 years, show that the average exposure levels from which there is a real risk of leukemia in children are 2-3mG and higher.

A number of additional studies provide real and stronger evidence that exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the ELF frequency is a risk factor for the development of diseases such as leukemia in children and other cancerous diseases in later stages of their lives:

The first study of: “Foliart DE Pollock – “Magnetic field exposure and long-term survival among children with leukemia

which was published in 2006 shows that the chances of recovery and survival in children who already have leukemia and during their recovery from the disease were in an environment with high ELF frequency radiation were very low.

The findings showed that there is a 450% mortality risk for children who were present in an environment with a field strength of 3mG or higher.

The second study of: “Svendsen AL – “Exposure to magnetic fields and survival after diagnosis of childhood leukemia

which was published in 2007 shows that for children who recovered from the disease (children’s leukemia) and were in an environment where the strength of the electromagnetic field at the ELF frequency is 2mG were at an actual life risk of 300% more than children who were exposed to a field strength of 1mG.

In this study it was seen that for children who recovered from the disease in an environment with a constant electromagnetic field strength of 1-2mG, the chances of survival were also low because the risk of mortality among the children in the study was 280%.
These two studies yield quite powerful information that the risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation at ELF frequencies also exists at field strengths starting from 1mG and above.

The third study of: “Lowenthal RM – “Residential exposure to electric power transmission lines and risk of lymphoproliferative and lymphoproliferative disorders

Check what cancer risks will be for children who grew up in an environment of up to 300 meters from high voltage lines later in their adult lives.

The findings of the investigation showed that children who in the first 5 years of their lives grew up near high voltage lines have a 500% risk of developing cancer.
In addition to the risks presented for children, there are many studies that show a clear statistical relationship between occupational exposure to ELF frequency radiation and adult leukemia.

המחקר של “Lowenthal RM – “Residential exposure to electric power transmission lines and risk of lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative disorders

which was published in 2007 investigating the relationship between leukemia in adults and living in the vicinity of high voltage lines, the findings of the study showed that the risk was present for all participants in the study who lived near high voltage lines.

From the results of the study, belonging was found for 95% of the participants, these results were found for participants who spent the first 15 years of their lives within a range of up to 300 meters from a high voltage line.

In this study, two significant conclusions were drawn, one: leukemia in adults is also related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the other: exposure to electromagnetic radiation in childhood increases the chances of getting sick at a later age.

Many scientific studies show a strong connection between ELF frequency radiation and breast cancer, in the last two decades many epidemiological studies have been carried out that examined this connection in both women and men, it should be noted that these connections are still controversial for many researchers, but the results of many studies show Because exposure to ELF frequency radiation does increase the chance of getting this type of cancer.
Studies that examined subjects who were exposed to high ELF radiation (10mG or more) while working showed higher rates of the disease.
Studies carried out under laboratory conditions have shown that exposure to electromagnetic radiation at the ELF frequency with an intensity of 6-12mG may affect the effectiveness of melatonin in the body and hence that there is a significant growth of cancer cells when exposed to ELF radiation.