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DOLEV technology,When Theory Meets Practice

EMF Radiation shielding

Shielding of electromagnetic fields Concept of electromagnetic wave is understood as a disturbance of electromagnetic field, caused by changes of electric loads’ arrangement, dispersing in space. Electromagnetic wave is transverse wave, which one can characterize by vector of electric field and magnetic field’s induction vector. These vectors are mutually perpendicular to oneself and lie on the surface

a) Shielding of electric fields,
b) Shielding of magnetic fields,
c) Shielding of electromagnetic fields.
For shielding electric fields occurrence of electric loads accumulation in state of equilibrium on the conductor’s surface is used, independently from how the loads came into being. For particular area’s protection from electric field, it is shielded by screen in form of a coat or net creating so-called. Faraday’s cage.

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