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קרינה מקווי מתח גבוה - דולב בדיקות קרינה


Dolev Ltd. Was founded in 1994
Dolev Ltd is Israel’s leading premier providers of magnetic shielding solutions for a telecommunications, medical, military, computer, electronics industries and Homes. Typical sources of interference include permanent magnets, transformers, motors, cables, and magnetic field.

A new electromagnetic shielding system, Dolev Smart Shield Panel™, has been developed by Dolev specialist producers of EMI/RFI/EMF shielding, to create protection for both people and sensitive
Equipment from the effects of interference from electromagnetic fields.


Dolev specializes measurement and solution of high-voltage fast transient impulses, simulating natural and human-made electromagnetic phenomena. We provide turnkey solutions to test your equipment in the best possible conditions, according to the standards in force. We are committed to delivering qualitative and reliable products compliant with the most stringent requirements
Dolev was chosen to be the exclusive representative in the Israel of two leading companies in the field frankonia emc & montena technology


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