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Radiation tests – everything you wanted to know, simulation

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Wireless networks are advancing at a dizzying pace and this with government approval, they surround us all and surround us with radiation from all sides at all hours of the day. Our desire for wireless convenience, in such an absolute way, exposes us to the radiation emitted by electrical and electronic products, high voltage lines, electrical panels, cellular antennas and more.

Here comes the question:

What can be done to prevent exposure to radiation?
First action – a professional radiation test.

A radiation test is an important and significant first step in locating radiation hazards around us.

The Dolev company operates with advanced radiation testing methods, sophisticated simulations and shielding and holds all the necessary permits to provide this service (quality standard ISO 9001:2008), on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection

It is important to carry out comprehensive radiation tests: a radiation test from the power grid, a cellular and wireless G5 radiation test and pollution / electrical radiation.

For high voltage lines, for transformer rooms, electrical panels and main and secondary busbars, high voltage / low voltage cables 220-380 volts
Protection for biopotential systems to 2 milligauss according to the electricity law (including field simulations) communication systems and control centers, which were developed in the company’s research and development laboratory and which allow the customer to perform radiation tests and maintain the quality protection with the most advanced materials for many years.

The company’s engineers and employees have nearly 30 years of experience in passive and active masking for the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

בדיקות קרינה - כל מה שרציתם לדעת - דולב אלקטרומכניקה

What is radiation?

Electrical radiation is high voltage radiation created by electrical devices that consume a large amount of energy.

The concept of electrical radiation is attributed to the radiation created around power lines, substations, electrical cabinets, uninterruptible power supplies and WIFI from which electric magnetic fields are created.

In Israel, there are high voltage lines located near residential buildings, offices, schools and kindergartens.

A study done among children in the United Kingdom followed the frequency of the children being near high voltage lines and their exposure to electrical cabinets and the presence of cancer.

Radiation tests done in children’s homes showed that the radiation percentages affected the cancer percentages and leukemia in particular.

Professional radiation tests showed that the percentage of leukemia patients among children who were exposed to power lines and electromagnetic fields is much higher than the children who were not exposed to such strong electromagnetic fields created by power lines and transformers.

In the technological age in which we live, we are exposed to a variety of radiation sources, especially in the area where we live where the use of many electrical devices is high, so it is necessary to perform radiation tests as required.

Dolev Electromechanics and Engineering Ltd. is the leading company in Israel in radiation consulting.

The Dolev company is the exclusive representative of the Swiss CFW company that offers a unique solution for DC/AC magnetic fields and also, the company also has a close commercial relationship with the German FRANKONIA company.

Equipment for radiation tests

Our measuring equipment has a valid permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Apart from this, there is another permit confirming that the equipment is calibrated, which allows accurate and correct radiation measurement.

It is a calibrated and accurate measuring equipment, one of the most comprehensive and advanced of its kind in the world.

The company has an R&D laboratory with imaging equipment for electromagnetic fields and simulations of radiation sources and the solutions to limit them. Radiation tests are carried out by a team of engineers certified by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, professional and experienced.


The Dolev company is the exclusive representative in Israel of the Italian microrad company.

The microrad company develops and manufactures measuring devices for the entire DC-40Ghz bandwidth.

The measuring devices come with a calibration certificate from a laboratory certified by ilac, the international organization for certification bodies and operates according to the ISO / IEC 17025 standard

Types of radiation tests

For high / upper voltage lines – measuring the levels of radiation emitted from high voltage lines and the extent of their influence on the living environment in the area near them.
For transformer rooms (the hate stations) electrical panels and main and secondary busbars – high voltage/low voltage cables 220/380 volts Protection for biopotential systems to 2 milligauss according to the electricity law (including field simulations)
For communication systems and control centers – this test is carried out thoroughly in every space in the inspected building.
Surveys for radiation prediction in DATA CENTER office buildings
In conclusion

In the reality of modern life, it is difficult to impossible to completely avoid exposure to non-ionizing radiation in the living and working space, but it is certainly possible to reduce it and it is very advisable to do so for the sake of our health. The first step in reducing our prolonged exposure to unhealthy intensities of radiation (of the RF and ELF type), in an environment surrounded by various types of electronic equipment, is to perform a professional radiation test once in a while.

Do not compromise on such an acute issue that affects your quality of life and health, radiation measurement is carried out with a certified company (by the Ministry of Environmental Protection), experienced and professional.

The reasons for choosing us for the inspection process:

The main activity of the Dolev company is in performing radiation tests and providing unique solutions for limiting magnetic fields.

We take all the radiation tests we perform seriously and thoroughly, starting from the measurement stage until the end of the shielding process.

The Dolev company has a reputation of over 27 years (existing since 1994).
Our clients include the private, public and business sectors.

We will be happy to help with any request, request or question.