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Is solar electricity production free from electromagnetic radiation?

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One of the phenomena that worries environmental experts and doctors today, is the electromagnetic radiation, which creates what is known as “electrical pollution”.

This pollution is created by the electrical equipment around us at home or in the office and the electrical cables that run through the walls. The electrical devices create voltage jumps, which create high electrical frequencies that reach the electrical cable in the walls.

Since the local wiring system (home or office) is unable to handle these loads, they are emitted out through the walls or floor, and people and animals touching the walls or stepping on the floor become their means of grounding. But, this type of electrical pollution is not only present inside the house, but near any source of voltage (such as high voltage poles and power poles), so that it can be said quite clearly that we live in an environment suffering from quite serious electrical pollution.

Is solar electricity generation free from this type of radiation?

The answer is yes and no.

Mainly because solar systems (photovoltaic systems) were developed at a time when there was already awareness of radiation and its effect, there is reference in the design to this aspect as well. And here, we will explain: almost a decade ago, Alberto Bernstein, who is in charge of the electrical facilities at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, published an article referring to the small solar electricity production facilities. According to this article, the minimum distance at which the new converters must be installed is at least 0.5 m, from places where people stay continuously (such as bedrooms, offices, classrooms, etc. The old converters, on the other hand, required a distance of about 4 m Even regarding the AC infrastructures (which connect the converters to the panels of the Electric Company) there is a directive to move them as far as possible from the areas of continuous stay.

Also, there is an obligation to perform periodic radiation tests, so it is quite clear that the photovoltaic systems are designed, built and maintained with awareness of radiation pollution.

What are the damages of electricity pollution?

Admittedly, we are not dealing with specific quantities that cause what is known as “electric shock”, but they accumulate in our bodies and cause a list of negative effects, some of which have a proven connection with electrical pollution EHS – Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity, sensitivity to radiation, for example, includes a long list of effects, the combinations of which vary From person to person and they include headaches, joint pains, sleep disorders, memory problems, concentration difficulties, skin problems, chronic fatigue, dizziness and difficulty breathing, weight balance problems, heart rhythm disorders, muscle tension, etc.

In addition, other diseases such as type 3 diabetes, certain types of cancer and even autism are attributed to electrical pollution.

In conclusion:

Technology and modernization have introduced the advantages of accessibility and availability into our lives, but, at the same time, they also expose us to new risks that we did not know before.

There is no doubt that we would not give up the comforts they brought to our lives, however, at the same time, we need to be aware enough to protect ourselves from their damages and the future, which are only now beginning to be revealed.