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Electro-magnetic Pulse (EMP/NNEMP)

The EMF is a byproduct of a nuclear explosion that manifests itself in a powerful pulse radiation that covers a large area. The interaction between the high field and the elements of any electronic system can cause damage to the system, as well as permanent disruption or temporary disruption in the operation of the system, which causes a significant decrease in its performance.

The EMF is characterized by the intensity as a function of time of the electromagnetic field.

The email effect has been known since the time when the Americans began to develop nuclear weapons. Already in the first nuclear tests, disruptions and damages to the electronic and electrical equipment accompanying the test were diagnosed.

Modern systems characterized by fast rates, high film widths and energy destruction threshold levels that are orders of magnitude lower have been found to be vulnerable to the effect of EMF.


Interaction between email and electronic equipment

A field with a strength of tens of kV/m damages the system conductors and the system boxes. The external cables (external interfaces) are efficient antennas, when a time-varying pulse field touches them, it induces electrical pulses of current and voltage in the cables. Also, when the field touches the various envelopes of the system equipment, it induces within it significant transients of electrical interference since it penetrates through developers (optical, ventilation, etc.).

The purposes of protection against electromagnetic pulse

The protection is designed to enable a reasonable existence in a shelter/bunker after a nuclear explosion defined in the scenario.

This means having electric power and air conditioning systems, ventilation, air filtration, lighting, water and sanitation, cooking and preserving food, wired and wireless communication, all this for a short period and maintaining sensitive systems for continued operation without damage.

The devices required by the protection systems are air filtration systems, air conditioner blowers, chillers, water pumps and sewage pumps, the electrical input of the electric company, the electrical equipment, communication equipment and reception of radio broadcasts and more.


Dolev Electromechanika Technology and Engineering Ltd. has unique solutions for the EMP phenomenon.

In January 2010, the modules were tested in DAMA laboratories and met the requirements of the tests. The modules are intended for the protection of the power grid supply lines and/or against lightning and EMP.

Dolev Radiation Consulting will provide you with a strict service, including the construction of the facility and the flooring system.

The purpose of grounding is to create an array with a low impedance to the ground for the protected system components, when there is a connection between them and the grounding of the structure based on the electrical safety guidelines.

Dolev is the exclusive representative in Israel of two leading companies in the electromagnetic pulse field