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The purpose of building a structure / hall / RF / cyber / EMP room is to create an enclosure in which radio frequencies (RF) and / or electromagnetic interference (EMI) are contained and / or prevented from entering.
This environment is necessary to ensure proper equipment performance / data leakage / EMP protection and more.

Hedging and reducing the EMI

The concept of hedging may be either understandable or confusing to many planners.

A noise source radiating inside a sealed rectangular box with several openings is easy to understand.
Using the analogy of a “leaky bucket”, it is not difficult to understand that the maximum dimension of the opening is more critical than the cross-section of the opening.
Therefore, grooves and seams are generally a greater source of leakage than holes.

Most high frequency shielding problems are caused by openings in conductive materials and the way the shielding is installed
EMI shielding and suppression materials:
EMI shielding and limiting materials can be classified into three groups

EMI / RFI shielding materials
Surge or transient / EMP / ESD suppression products
EMI / RFI filtering products

EMI shielding is the use of conductive materials to reduce reflection and/or absorption.
Effective placement of shielding materials reduces the level of electromagnetic energy radiated by or coupled to electronic equipment.
Shielding efficiency is a measure of the shield’s performance, expressed in decibels.

Shielding structure

These two effects are independent but they combine to double the shielding effectiveness.

SEAMS (connections) – include mechanical connections and connecting parts. The connections create SLOT antennas that can leak more EMI the larger the opening.

The critical figure is the length of the opening and not the general area.

One of the methods for sealing is breaking the SLOT – a method that reduces a minimal space between the point of contact between the metals.

Masking a structure is like a Faraday cage, ie. A closed conductive structure, usually enclosing the entire structure
With certain methods, the shield can be built from any quality conductive material. The doors must have special seals installed,
And all cables to the room must be equipped with RF filters.
Non-conductive lines can pass through pipes with a suitable length and diameter ratio (L = 5D), similar pipes are used in air conditioning pipes

The performance of the filters is measured by their integration losses, that is, the ratio between the load voltage when the filter is installed, and the load voltage, without the filter, for the same source.

Commercial filters are specified when the loads are 50 Ohm.

Filters are intended to provide protection for signals of the following types:

Common Mode
Differential Mode

and their combinations. The shielding method must be adapted to the signals you want to filter

Electrical system grounding is required for a number of reasons, mainly to ensure first and foremost the safety of the people in the building / shielded room and to prevent damage to the system itself in the event of a malfunction. The role of an earthing conductor is to provide a low resistance path for fault current, so that the protective devices in the circuit will operate quickly to disconnect the supply.

Materials and components-
For magnetic field masking: if the limitation of the magnetic field is required, magnetic shielding must be installed (usually silicon steel)
According to exact specifications regarding thickness, location and type of material.
For an electric field: protective panels for very high altitudes: walls, ceiling and floor will be composed of modular and rigid panels built from a steel and aluminum composition panel

Faraday cells – cells – EMC filter cells,

The highest level of compartmentalization and information leakage between a shielded and unsecured area.
The uniqueness in the way the filtering chamber works – door after door, with a small shielded spacer between them makes it possible to verify that:
The level of shielding will not damage the hall, preventing information leakage
The passerby in the cell is: the one authorized to enter, (all subject to the planning of the means)

Possible control measures:
Detectors in the ceiling of the door – volume review and averaging.
Automatic movement without hand contact
Another reader inside the cell – after closing the outer door, which once again verifies the identity of the person present in the cell.
Easy masking for a large resonance space

The purpose of the work is to create tools that allow a creative and cheap alternative to the conventional solutions known MODULAR, WELDED CHAMBER.

Also with this method we have no limitations of weight or load on the floor and with the Turnkey Project method of work

For more details, please call – 03-5520066

Filtration filters –
Transit pipes for the introduction of various services into the building.

For filtering against electromagnetic noises, the air supply is through a special beehive system.

The reliability tests will be performed based on the requirements of the MIL-STD-285 specification. A test will be performed by additional means during the work to monitor expected problems and will be corrected to ensure compliance with the required reliability requirements.

An example of testing the effectiveness of the shield

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