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ניווט מהיר:

Dolev clean  Environment LTD has set itself a major task to explain the concept of” dirty electricity

Electrical pollution (‘dirty electricity’) is, in simple terms, ‘noise’ generated in and conducted by the electrical supply wiring system by common electrical devices, household appliances and power lines. This is a type of power characterised by higher frequencies (4kHz to 100kHz) that can have a negative impact upon our bodies.

Dirty Electricity is a high-powered EMF (electromagnetic field) that is constantly emitted by electrical wiring and electrical devices on contaminated circuits. And because much of this energy is in the radio frequency (RF) range it radiates a dangerous EMF several feet into a room – even when the electricity and electrical devices are not turned on

Today, EMF protection for you & your family is more important then ever.    ccording to a recent news release issued by the World Health Organization “Electrical Hypersensitivity” (EHS), an allergic-like reaction to Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs), is a growing worldwide health concern.