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Company activity

ניווט מהיר:

Limitation of electric and magnetic fields at grid frequency (50Hz) near power lines, transformers, radiation from energy facilities Active limitation of electromagnetic radiation from power grid lines/high voltage (exclusive in Israel)

  • Radiation protection systems of electromagnetic fields and sensitive electronic equipment, masking and radiation shielding
  • Shielding, shielding from electromagnetic radiation in radio frequencies (RF) and microwaves with MU-METAL shielding materials, SILICON STEEL and RM steel
  • Special shielded chambers for medical MRI / NMR / MRT applications and equipment shielding
  • Radiation protection for sleep systems (exclusive development) and radiation protection from underfloor heating.
  • Prominent representatives in the field of EMP, EMI, ELF, MRI, EMC, RFI filters for sensitive systems (red / black)
  • Design and manufacture of shielding cells against interference, energy and radiation absorbing materials (ABSORBERS) special sealing and shielding materialsShielded boxes for all purposes for a comfort level above 100dBDesign and construction of testing laboratories, research and special shielded meeting rooms (RF Room)
  • Measuring equipment for EMC laboratories, automatic testing software, radiation intensity meters and unique radiation measurement software
  • Design of electrical systems and control of smart buildings with shielding and radiation protection (combination of radiation protection – ELF)
  • Designing and electromechanical equipment for communication cars (TAKs) and shielding against interference and information leakage.
  • Non-ionizing radiation risk survey, permissible exposure levels and protection to limit radiation in workplaces, homes
  • Radiation from electrical panels, radiation from uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Radiation tests, radiation measurements and radiation protection experts for all frequency ranges

Why choose us for shielding and radiation testing for your property?

  • From today, anyone will be able to install shielding without the need for companies that will perform radiation measurement services and “shielding” services. In addition, we have harnessed the vast experience and advanced technology we have in the field of shielding against radiation, and have developed a “smart modular shielding panel” that is advanced in order to simplify the installation process and costs in this area.
  • The Dolev company develops and manufactures protection products in Israel (blue and white) and exports its products abroad. Our goal is to provide comprehensive protection solutions under one roof, from the planning and development phase to the installation phase of the final product.
  • Dolev balances boldness and conservatism. On the side of developing innovative products, it responds to market demands and on the other hand leads us in technological innovations that enable quality, performance, reliability and attractive prices.Hundreds of customers already enjoy protection and no radiation worries for more information including photos from successfully completed projects.
  • The Dolev company holds dedicated seminars, once a period, on radiation and radiation protection in the 21st century.

*Introduction of new protection methods against radiation in the next article

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