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DOLEV Electromechanic Technologies & Engineering Ltd. was established in 1994.
DOLEV Ltd. is a privately owned company acting as an exclusive representative of various leading  EMI / RFI /EMF electronic industry manufacturers. We are also, an exclusive sales & distribution representative of active and passive components & hardware for electronic packaging. We enjoy friendly and informal relationships with many of the executives in local industries.
Our 16 persons staff includes 2 sales and application engineers, well trained  and recognized in local industry.

The areas we cover are as follows:

Complete Shielding Solutions, Turn-Key projects, products and assemblies

EMI / RFI / EMP / ELF – Magnetic Radiation
Active Magnetic Shielding systems
Anechoic chambers /Copper-shielded chambers
Acoustic Noise
Shielding for MRI / MRT Medical system
Shielding of carrying cases for electronic devices.
Electromechanical installations

Our activity covers a diversified range of customers from electronic equipment manufacturers, through telecommunication industry and up to aerospace and military oriented companies.
Our customers base includes companies as Orange, Tadiran, ECI, Elbit, Rafael, Motorola, Rad, Cellcom, DSPG and many others.

DOLEV Ltd. keeps a stock of a large variety of components to ensure fast response and services to its customers.This gives us the flexibility to act according to our customers specific needs and give immediate solutions.

Our mission statement is to assist the customers in finding the best, most reliable and cost-effective solutions to their changing needs.
We, at DOLEV, understand that best quality products should be accompanied with a full technical support, which we provide each step of the way.

Due to our proven experience and our well established connections in all our fields of activity, we believe that comprehensive services is the main factor to our growth and success.
Thanks to our high quality standards of work, we have been accredited and qualified by the Standards Institution of Israel for ISO 9001 (2000) requirements.

DOLEV Ltd. is very well known in the Israeli market as a stable, reliable and professional company.
DOLEV Ltd. specially-trained engineers and technicians use sensitive equipment for testing the intensity of magnetic fields.

The ideal time to consider the effects of power magnetic fields is during the building design or remodel stage. A short consultation with an experienced engineer before or during remodeling can be the fastest and most cost-effective method to avoid problems.

DOLEV Ltd.  is your partner for free magnetic fields environment!

Dolev group EMF shielding