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MICRORAD measuring instruments exclusive to Dolev

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New and exclusive to the Dolev company Microrad measuring devices

  • The most advanced measuring devices in the world
  • Unique advantages that no competitor has
  • Reduces testing time significantly
  • Includes monitoring software
  • Measurement for the entire bandwidth
  • Suitable for measuring RF and ELF

Dolev is the representative of Microrad in Israel

Microrad designs and manufactures meters and analyzers for the isotropic measurement of electromagnetic fields.

The range of safety products includes broadband measuring meters with demodulation of the band base and frequency selective. 


All MICRORAD meters can perform E-field measurement in the freq. range from 100MHz to 1GHz.  You can choose different solutions basing on prices.

NHT310 F Meter 

Handheld instrument with colour touch-screen for broadband

Measurements of electromagnetic fields in the frequency range DC – 40GHz.

Including: main unit (without probes), control software, rigid case, USB cable, battery

Charger and user manual.



NHT3DL Meter

Handheld instrument with colour touchscreen for EMF measurements in Frequency domain and time domain for complex signals analysis according
to ICNIRP indexes.Including: main unit (without probes), Control software,
user manual.

NHT3DL Meter



Microrad offer Wide selection of electromagnetic field probes from DC to 40 GHz.

family of Radar Probes



Microrad provides a specific SW application for each meter in the NHT series
Easy, modern and intuitive, these softwares also allow detailed analysis of the