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Active limitation system of magnetic fields from high and high voltage lines

Following the growing awareness in Israel of the possible effects of magnetic fields on human health, which was also reflected in the 2006 Radiation Law enacted at the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, measures are being taken to limit the public’s exposure to magnetic fields. The main methods of limiting the level of magnetic fields are moving away from the source, which can phase, reducing the areas of magnetic loops of cables.

In cases where none of these methods are applicable or effective, such as in front of overhead power lines, the Dolev company has a technique of actively canceling the magnetic field.

In this technique, this field is flowed in large loops designed according to the structure to be protected, which produces a field opposite in strength and direction to the field originating from the upper voltage lines.

The connection of the fields from the power lines and the active system results in a low magnetic field inside the structure and the protected area.

The article presented here will describe the main points of the method, the requirements of the system’s performance, the planning considerations and the stages of project implementation, including photographs from the sites as well as results the measurements that confirm the effectiveness of the method.
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