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New G-IRON ® Flex-ELF Shielding

ניווט מהיר:

G-iron SuperFlex® has transformed the engineering of shielding systems. Indeed, its guaranteed performance shows a high shielding efficiency on all three components of a magnetic field.

It is installed directly on the surfaces with wall plugs, nails, double-sided tape, glue, resins, etc. In case corners or curved surfaces have to be shielded G-iron SuperFlex® will have to be appropriately shaped by hand with the aid of a straight edge. On the floor the material should preferably be installed under the screed, option made possible by the fact that the material is protected against corrosion by a polypropylene film. The magnetic continuity is guaranteed by the installation “side by side” of the various strips making the shield or by overlapping the strips slightly. Various shielding thicknesses can be used, from 0.6 mm (one layer) up to 1.8 mm (three layers)


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